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I finally figured out how to put pictures in my journal entries, so the Singapore entries will have a few pictures from the trip. I have 300 pictures up on facebook.com if you want to see more.

Day Zero )
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The first half of the day was good. I was finishing my classes and taking some pictures. Katabami-sensei offered to take a picture of me with the students.

Of course that was when tragedy struck.
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Tuesday night is always Japanese class but I hadn't been there in several weeks so I was thinking of skipping it again...

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Sunday, July 12th

Spent the day cleaning the house for the first time in a couple weeks since I was having company.

Then I watched Dean come back from the dead on Supernatural for the third time with Khalilah. Love him.
Monday, July 13th )
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So its about time I updated my journal.
I drank just enough for my dry wit to desert me... )

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Nothing much to report this week so far.

Sunday I went with Mary to the ATM and supermarket. It was insanely hot so I went home after only a couple stores so I could hide in the air conditioning.

Monday )
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Michael was planning to ride to Shitte on his bike on Saturday (the part of Kamisu between Hasaki [where he lives] and Fukashiba [where I live]). I decided I wanted to ride to Shitte too with Mary so we could all hang out since Erin and Michelle live out there. We were planning on all going to the beach or something.

Of course Mary kept saying "What is there to do in Shitte?" so I got the feeling she didn't really want to bike all that way. Erin suggested cafe's etc. and finally I said, "Well Mike Duncan told me last week that he was practicing a new song for Kareoke."

I love Kareoke )
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Its Friday now and I figure I'll recount the rest of my week so I don't fall asleep in my coffee.

I never really drank much of it before I came here but the tea ladies give me one cup every morning so I think I've grown dependent. I need at least two cups on Friday or I visibly droop at my desk.
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The ATM's were open and I was really happy. Thank you to my benefactors! Its thanks to them I was able to go to the onsen (hot springs) on Tuesday.


Short Yuko drove me, Melanie, and Melanie's friend to Choshi. Choshi is famous for seafood and surfing and we drove to an inn by the sea where the ALT's stayed last year.

It was beautiful even thought it was cloudy. The waves looked great. There were larged jagged rocks out on the ocean.

Melanie asked me if the Cape was like that. Harlo Farm in Plymouth had a beach with rocks like that but most of the Cape beaches I've seen don't have large rock formations, which is better for swimming. But it also made the atmosphere kind of magical. Like at any moment you'd see a mermaid lounging out there.
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Its the first day back after Golden Week (which is actually only three weekdays) and I was pretty bad about keeping my journal so I figure I can write about it during my free time at school.

My last journal was May 1st. That night was my first Enkai.
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May 1, 2009

May. 7th, 2009 11:04 pm
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My birthday (the 29th) was fun.

I went to bed for a nap at 7pm and ended up sleeping for 13 hours.

I felt better than I had when I woke up. I sorted all the trash that had been piling up, (the paper and plastic stuff, not any gross food trash), hung up my cloths (no, I hadn't done that yet), and caught up on episodes of the Daily Show.

I also heard about the Swine Flu. I don't think its that bad but I hope it doesn't freak the Japanese out that I'm sick. I heard them talking about Influenza all of today, I don't want to be treated like the pariah that brought it over.

At 1pm the girls picked me up and brought me out to lunch (I still paid for myself, it was more of an excuse to get out).

Birthday at Big Boy )
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Today is the first of only three class days I have this week.

Tomorrow is a Japanese Holiday so no school and I get to sleep in on my birthday. One of the kid's remembered from my introduction lesson that my birthday was coming up. It was pretty cute. She spoke more English than most of the students too.

I hope that the kids who can speak English aren't too bored. We do play a lot of games at least.

The Sticker Wars are still going on. If I'm not being clung to and groped by first graders I'm being asked for stickers.

At Onohara-nishi there are usually 40 kids in the hallway swamping me for stickers. And they also like to throw each other down the stairs.

One boy was pushing another boy down saying 'Agemasu! Agemasu!" ('I'll give him to you. Sticker please?')

I ran away after that.

But now everyday at lunch I give one of the kids my empty milk carton and say 'agemasu'.
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Friday night I was exhausted. So I went to the convenience store for some quick cheap dinner and watched the rest of Ghost Whisperer. I need a new series now. Or maybe I can get back into writing instead.

Saturday it was pouring rain all day. I don't know if the rain brought something down from the trees but my eyes and nose were watering all day. I braved the rain without an umbrella to grab some more food when I ran out, since I usually pick up just enough for the day since I don't want to carry all of it. I need to go grocery shopping one of these days...

Of course it was either the rain or the allergy symptoms were actually cold symptoms. I woke up Sunday morning with a fever and definite symptoms of an infection after only one day. I had had plans with Mary to go shopping since there are lot of sales this week in preparation for Golden Week and really wanted to cancel until I heard that Erin would be carting us along with Kate in her car. I decided that it would worth it to go since I needed to grab some oil for my rusty bike chain (I've never had a chain rust so fast!) and maybe some sheets. It would be good to buy while I had someone with a car.

We had some awesome Japanese Italian food. It was good but my cold ended up being part stomach bug too.

I came home miserable and with the knowledge that I won't be going to the Kashima shrine tomorrow, I'll save it for next week's vacation. And I might want to avoid human contact until I get better.

I still need to go food shopping though. I have the day off tomorrow so hopefully I can drag myself over to Kasumi grocery store.
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Despite the fact that I accidentally locked myself out of my bathroom while I was half asleep and now have to buy a screw driver after school from Homac, today's been okay so far.

Today was Onohara ES, my favorite school so far, where I have a classroom. We're still on the introductory lesson which I did for the sixth grade. Onohara will (hopefully) be my easiest school since I have all my lessons planned three weeks in advance for them. Of course the ALT head guy from the school may decide he wants his own lesson plans, and hinted as much. Ah well.

The people are still amazingly nice. They gave me lots of little food things and coffee and tea cans. I don't know if they know its my birthday next week or they want to be really welcoming. I think it has something to do with me being so young (everyone was really surprised when I told them my age). One woman told me she had a son my age so she wanted to be my Japanese mama. I'm all for that. She gave me a little care package right after with Japanese tea, cakes, and crackers.

My classes were finished by 11 AM because the fifth grade had teacher home visits in the afternoon so I spent the rest of the afternoon making decorations to put up in the classroom. I will definitely take pics of the finished product.

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