Aug. 28th, 2011

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December 23, Day One

Michelle stayed over my house the night before and helped me last minute pack and clean as my Christmas present. Kumi picked us up around 11:30 that morning along with Kate, Mary, and Tony, since we were all flying out from Narita on the same day. Kate was going to New Jersey for Christmas and Mary and Tony to New Zealand. All the luggage just barely fit.

We had lunch with Kate while we waited for our flights since hers had been delayed again and got on our plane at 4:30 in the afternoon. Michelle and I didn’t have seats together so I took out all my books and got ready to be bored and restless for two hours, since that’s how I do on planes. However the girl sitting next to me and I somehow struck up a conversation. She was a Korean expat living in Japan going to visit her family for the first time in two years. She was really nice and taught me my favorite Korean phrase ‘ka ga juseyo’

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Day Eight

The Homestay Korea director emailed me and said I could still do the Homestay, so I decided I wanted to. It was an option between a family with two young daughters or a single girl around our age. If I was alone I probably would have picked the family to experience more of the culture but I figured if I picked the girl we would be making friends and she could show us all the trendy places to go.

I went to the Homestay Korea office to pay alone and get the information. Michelle, Kevin, and the Canadians went to some of the castles we had missed being open the other day. I was a bit annoyed that we had new traveling companions since I hadn’t gotten to know them as well as the others.

After meeting up we went to the Aeon Mall.. )
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Day One – Shinkansen 9-2
Hostel arrival at 3
Restaurants all closed
Conbini food and ‘You’re beautiful’
Walked to Atomic Bomb Dome area for karaoke.

Day Two –
Wake up and shower/bath
Peace park and museum
‘You’re Beautiful’

Day Three –
Wake up
Garden /Museum
Hiroshima Castle

Day Four –
Met Cat and Adam on the train
Shrine with Deer
Mountain Ropeway
Biggest Rice paddle
Okonomiyaki with everyone

My spring went by about that fast. That's all I had time to scribble in my journal on my last trip with Kate and Erin. It's been a year and a half now since I got back from Japan.


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