May. 7th, 2009

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Today is the first of only three class days I have this week.

Tomorrow is a Japanese Holiday so no school and I get to sleep in on my birthday. One of the kid's remembered from my introduction lesson that my birthday was coming up. It was pretty cute. She spoke more English than most of the students too.

I hope that the kids who can speak English aren't too bored. We do play a lot of games at least.

The Sticker Wars are still going on. If I'm not being clung to and groped by first graders I'm being asked for stickers.

At Onohara-nishi there are usually 40 kids in the hallway swamping me for stickers. And they also like to throw each other down the stairs.

One boy was pushing another boy down saying 'Agemasu! Agemasu!" ('I'll give him to you. Sticker please?')

I ran away after that.

But now everyday at lunch I give one of the kids my empty milk carton and say 'agemasu'.

May 1, 2009

May. 7th, 2009 11:04 pm
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My birthday (the 29th) was fun.

I went to bed for a nap at 7pm and ended up sleeping for 13 hours.

I felt better than I had when I woke up. I sorted all the trash that had been piling up, (the paper and plastic stuff, not any gross food trash), hung up my cloths (no, I hadn't done that yet), and caught up on episodes of the Daily Show.

I also heard about the Swine Flu. I don't think its that bad but I hope it doesn't freak the Japanese out that I'm sick. I heard them talking about Influenza all of today, I don't want to be treated like the pariah that brought it over.

At 1pm the girls picked me up and brought me out to lunch (I still paid for myself, it was more of an excuse to get out).

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Its the first day back after Golden Week (which is actually only three weekdays) and I was pretty bad about keeping my journal so I figure I can write about it during my free time at school.

My last journal was May 1st. That night was my first Enkai.
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