Apr. 26th, 2009

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Friday night I was exhausted. So I went to the convenience store for some quick cheap dinner and watched the rest of Ghost Whisperer. I need a new series now. Or maybe I can get back into writing instead.

Saturday it was pouring rain all day. I don't know if the rain brought something down from the trees but my eyes and nose were watering all day. I braved the rain without an umbrella to grab some more food when I ran out, since I usually pick up just enough for the day since I don't want to carry all of it. I need to go grocery shopping one of these days...

Of course it was either the rain or the allergy symptoms were actually cold symptoms. I woke up Sunday morning with a fever and definite symptoms of an infection after only one day. I had had plans with Mary to go shopping since there are lot of sales this week in preparation for Golden Week and really wanted to cancel until I heard that Erin would be carting us along with Kate in her car. I decided that it would worth it to go since I needed to grab some oil for my rusty bike chain (I've never had a chain rust so fast!) and maybe some sheets. It would be good to buy while I had someone with a car.

We had some awesome Japanese Italian food. It was good but my cold ended up being part stomach bug too.

I came home miserable and with the knowledge that I won't be going to the Kashima shrine tomorrow, I'll save it for next week's vacation. And I might want to avoid human contact until I get better.

I still need to go food shopping though. I have the day off tomorrow so hopefully I can drag myself over to Kasumi grocery store.


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