Apr. 25th, 2009

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I wanted to rip my hair out. They told me it would the be the same lesson from the week before for the fifth grade. Then of course this morning they grabbed me and said 'We want you to teach Sixth Grade today'. Of course I had nothing prepared...
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Despite the fact that I accidentally locked myself out of my bathroom while I was half asleep and now have to buy a screw driver after school from Homac, today's been okay so far.

Today was Onohara ES, my favorite school so far, where I have a classroom. We're still on the introductory lesson which I did for the sixth grade. Onohara will (hopefully) be my easiest school since I have all my lessons planned three weeks in advance for them. Of course the ALT head guy from the school may decide he wants his own lesson plans, and hinted as much. Ah well.

The people are still amazingly nice. They gave me lots of little food things and coffee and tea cans. I don't know if they know its my birthday next week or they want to be really welcoming. I think it has something to do with me being so young (everyone was really surprised when I told them my age). One woman told me she had a son my age so she wanted to be my Japanese mama. I'm all for that. She gave me a little care package right after with Japanese tea, cakes, and crackers.

My classes were finished by 11 AM because the fifth grade had teacher home visits in the afternoon so I spent the rest of the afternoon making decorations to put up in the classroom. I will definitely take pics of the finished product.

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