Apr. 13th, 2009

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Friday. April 10, 2009

Yesterday at school was pretty stress free. I was excited about my room and a gaggle of sixth grade girls showed me the grounds after lunch.

The vice principle (kyoto-sensei is the title) was very nice too and ate lunch with me.

However I was getting a little antsy by 4 pm. I was grateful to be dismissed after a brief introduction to the staff in the afternoon.

That was when disaster struck.
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Bike guy dropped my bike off at the school I taught at on Friday and there was no bill.

I was too tired to do anything fun that night though so I begged off of dinner and the girls picked me up the next day at 12 to go to the mall and shop for Mary's birthday present.

Mary's birthday was on April 11th. Kate is on the 17th. Erin is on the 18th.

The mall in Kashima is only accessible by car. It actually felt smaller than the Kingston mall back home, although it had two floors. There were several jewelry stores, clothing stores, and a couple of toy stores. Then there was an ARCADE I desperately wanted to check out. Japanese arcades are really COOL.

Unfortunately there was no time to get over there to play since there were only four of us (Michelle, Erin, and Kate) and I could sense they wanted to shop as a pack. I hung around the clothing stores and waited for the petite girls to try things on. There were a few things I liked but even if I was an average American size I would have had trouble getting things to fit.

The toy store was really cool. There was this puzzle I really wanted to get. It was a strawberry cake, all put together. You write a message on the back, take it apart, and send the pieces to a friend to reassemble. I had a couple of people in mind for this back home (especially since Ellie and I were talking about Japanese cakes that morning). They were a little expensive though so maybe some other time. I figured I would save the money for food in case I get desperate later.

After the shopping we went back downstairs for some ice cream and to plan for the party later.

The Party... )


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