Apr. 5th, 2009


Apr. 5th, 2009 07:02 pm
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So on Saturday a Japanese family hosted an Ohanami for the ALTs. A Hanami is a flower viewing, but it was more like a picnic for us.

It was actually a little early for cherry blossom viewing. The trees were all budding but hadnt really sprung any flowers yet, but when we walked around the large pond near the park you could see a few trees that had started blooming.

There was lots of Japanese style curry and crackers and sushi. Lots of foods I had never seen or tried before.

If you look at "photos of me" on facebook.com there are a few pics of me at the picnic and of the group. I took a couple but I like to upload in bulk. I may untag them in a fit of "I don"t look good in this photo!" so look at them soon!

I met a very nice Japanese family and got invited to their summer party also, since we had some nice convo on the walk around the pond after lunch. The mother (I think her name was Saiko) said, "Whoa! You are so friendly!" after I said hello to some people in the area.

I"m hoping this is a good thing because sometimes odd compliments are a way for Japanese people to tell you you"re doing something wrong. (ex: "I would never be brave enough to wear THAT top!") But I do think she was being honest and I gave her my information for later.

I had a few good conversations with Michael. He had this really tragic look on his face since he"s been having a rough time. When I saw him he still had no hot water, phone, computer, or television. But at least the ALTs in his area are finally coming home. They had all decided to leave and go on vacations during spring break this year so Michael was alone this first week with nothing to do but bikeride.

We talked about politics and sports (me talk about sports? Whoa...). He actually invited me to go to a soccer (football) game with him. And of course I told him I"d love too. Its definitely going to be a friend thing but I don"t mind. I like being friends with guys. Sometimes its less complex. But I"m definitely getting along with the girl ALTs.

Japanese class on Tuesday night!


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