Mar. 25th, 2009

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There was a crash landing in Narita International Airport by a Fedex plane for maybe the first time in the airport;s history. It;s runway was closed and all 747;s were diverted to Osaka or Nagoya Airports.

Now, Osaka and the Kansai area in general are very nice but it was not where I wanted to be after a 12 hour flight and training the next morning. I also brought a ton of luggage with me since the hotel I would be staying at was only a five minute bus ride away.

After calling Interac and realizing no one was going to come halfway across the country to pick us stragglers up, they told me I had to make my own way back to Tokyo (it was around 6;30pm on Monday already at this point...).

There were no more train bound for Tokyo that night and there were no hotel rooms available at the Kansai airport so I couldn:t book a room for the night. Thus began a long and involved adventure (with my limited Japanese language skills) to find a room for the night.

Any room.

Any room that wasn:t already booked by anxious and frustrated tourists like myself.

A girl at the Kansai airport hotel took pity on me (and spoke English) and called a hotel in the next town to make sure there were rooms available before drawing me a map so that I could get there. I am supremelď˝™ grateful to her because I was extremely close to a mental breakdown not having slept for almost twenty four hours.

It was a very fancy hotel and they upgraded me to a double room *I'm not sure if this is because I looked so tired or it was just available). The view looked out onto a giant ferris wheel by the ocean, pictures of which I will hopefully add later.

Right now I am writing from the Narita View Hotel. Yesterday, from 1130am to 630pm I was riding on four different trains dragging over 100lbs of luggage. I was so proud of myself for getting here at all that I wasn't worried about missing my first training day.

Today I feel very optomistic and excited even after all the toil to get here. Or maybe thats the reason why.


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