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When I returned from Japan last year my goals were very general. Somehow escape from my parent's house in Plymouth as soon as possible, get a job, and establish a life in the United States that was as exciting as the one I lived as an International English teacher.

It's been over a year now since I moved back to Boston and took a job at a corporate childcare. The 'anniversary' as they call it when you cycle through a year since your hire date frankly scared the crap out of me. You hear it all the time, someone takes a job that they think is only going to be temporary and then they're in their fifties and still miserably there.

I've accomplished a little since I've been back. I went on two dates. I got my certificate in Early Childhood Education (if I am lucky I will never have to use again after I get the hell out of my daycare), and I've sent out about 150 resumes and cover letters. Only a handful of which were personally rejected by form letter.

I realize it's the economy, but damn. I can hardly say I'm a recent college graduate after three years. Pretty soon employers will be seeing me trying to break into publishing as a career switch when I haven't begun a career to begin with.

My hobby right now, besides looking for an escape route, is being a grad school voyeur. I order catalogs from all the schools I want to attend and ogle them at night when I'm too exhausted to do anything but read.

I doubt any loan agency in their right mind would give me the money, but I am working on my essay to get into Simmons. All roads lead to Simmons!
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