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Creepy Vice Principal: 'Does... it... make... you... lonely?'

Me: '??? What?'

VP: 'Not.. understanding.. Japanese.'

Me: '.... =_=+ No.'

Apparently I haven't updated since my computer was reincarnated last month. It took two days to do a full system restore. I love this laptop to death but I could do without the extras for a non-crashing system recovery.

About two weeks ago the gang went to Tokyo Disney Sea. It was cold but (from what everyone told me) the crowds could have been worse. There was nothing especially Japanese about it and I really enjoyed the set up. Instead of different Kingdoms, it was divided into 'ports'. There was an American Waterfront, Arabian Coast, Mediterranean Harbor, Mermaid Lagoon, Lost River Delta, and a New York area complete with Broadway and a deli that had very good sandwiches.

The sets were amazingly elaborate and beautiful so of course I forgot my camera. I took a few dozen pictures with Kate's camera instead that I haven't recovered yet. We went on the Tower of Terror even though I really didn't want to. All that's holding you in your seat is a waist seatbelt so I was hugging myself since there was nothing to hold onto. The lines for most of the rides were two hours long so I only went on Indiana Jones, Center of the Earth, and Tower of Terror.

The rest of the day I hung out with Mary and the mothers of the baby girls she teaches English to. We watched a couple of short shows with them on 'Broadway'. The Jazz show was very good and the woman sitting next to me kept whispering 'Kakoi! (Cool!)' about the male dancers.

This Sunday the foreigners had a Christmas dinner at the Community Center in Shitte since we didn't really get together for Thanksgiving. Talking about the work for making dinner for 20+ people was stressing me out more than it was Melanie, Mary, and Zac who planned the entire affair.

The kitchen we reserved (for free!) had five stations with ovens, burners, and counterspace. It still wasn't enough room for everyone to work though so about an hour into the marathon (from 2pm-845pm)people sat down and chatted while the rest chopped vegetables, mixed cakes, and desperately tried to defrost two completely frozen thirteen pound turkeys.

Although the turkey was the last to come out, everything was delicious. We made brownies, a strawberry yellow cake, baked vegetables, pesto soup, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, bread pudding, oatmeal cookies, macaroni salad, soba, quiche, and pot stickers. Everyone was stuffed and desperately trying to clean while we ate dessert on the stools around the kitchen.

Michael and I chatted while the desserts were plated and he said he couldn't possibly fit more, right before they brought out a new plate of cookies. Then he whined, 'Oh there's one I haven't triiiied yet...' I though that was really cute.

Actually there were quite a few good looking guys there. They were mostly taken though. Steve brought his beautiful nice girlfriend from Canada. She actually did a lot of cooking with us even though she should have been a guest. In our first conversation she told me to follow my dreams. Awww.

This week is mostly prepping for Korea. My classes are intermittently making me extremely happy or wanting to cry. It's just that time of year I guess.
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