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Kate and I left Kamisu at 11AM on Saturday to catch the bus in to Tokyo. We hadn`t had a lot planned before that morning, but when we were reviewing ourlist of what we wanted to do, we realized that we really did.

Our Tentative Schedule
Check into Hostel 2PM
Halloween Parade in Kawasaki 2:30-4PM
Rocky Horror in Kawasaki 6:30-9:30PM
Ninja Restaurant (w/ dinner show) 10PM
Meet our random Japanese boyfriend Hiro after 11PM

The bus ride to Tokyo normally takes an hour and a half. The bus was late and it took us awhile to figure out we weren:t going to find a place to print our to do list with the directions so we called the hostel and asked to check in at 9:30PM since the website said the desk was open 24 hours. We would have to leave Rocky Horror early but we didn`t want to completely miss the parade.

We got to Kawasaki at 3PM, changed costumes, did make up, and made it just in time for the last go around. The parade itself was dissappointing. We couldn`t see much because there were so many people. I was reluctant to follow the parade like Kate wanted to afterwards but I was glad we did. After the parade dissipated, everyone who was in costume hung around to let people take photos.

Some of the costumes were just silly hats like mine but others were amazingly detailed. I was also unbelievably happy that I got a picture with Sora from `Kingdom Hearts`. I felt bad that I ignored Riku but I didn`t recognize him without the blindfold (/end videogame reference). We took a lot of pictures and surprisingly, a lot of people wanted pictures of us too. THAT was really fun.

We took tea and a small meal in a cafe and watched people for awhile until it was close to `Rocky Horror`. It was only 500 yen to get in (five bucks) and that was a token amount for a drink or something. I hadn`t seen the movie in a few years and Kate had never seen it. Luckily it was in English, unluckily the volume wasn`t very high. The crowd was really happy and funny though, and they kept shouting dirty comments in Japanese and English. Kawasaki Halloween was about 50 percent foreigners and 50 percent Japanese, so it was a good mix.

We had to leave the show early to get to the hostel, which was dissappointing, but so far it had been an amazing day so I was looking forward to the next part.

We left the show a little later than planned and couldn`t find the hostel right away so we ended up there a little closer to 10PM. We canceled our reservation to the Ninja Restaurant (our second failed attempt to eat there).

The Hostel SNAFU

The proprieter was absolutely insane.

After he took our money to pay for the room he told us he would take us there and immediately got into a cab. We had to follow him although I was hyperventilating in the back the further away we got from the Mayflower Hostel.

What he neglected to tell us before he took our money was that he had given away our room at 2PM when we called and he was setting us up to stay in an empty apartment (which we discovered had no hot water and no toilet paper later) affiliated with the hostel. It was also a 20 dollar cab ride away from where we were staying originally, and although he paid for the taxi, the location had been key because we were going to go to some clubs and walk back.

He was offended when we mentioned this and tried to take our not exactly sanitary room away. Kate was ready to throw some punches but I decided I had had enough and I would rather have that room than no room at all after the long day we had had. I managed to calm him down by telling him that he was right in all things and we were grateful, blah blah blah... (The fight and what followed is quite understated but I had to repeat it in dramatic effect to the girls at dinner last night so I don`t feel very into it right now. Suffice it to say, we won.)

We took the train back to where we were supposed to be so we would know the very complicated way back to our backwoods apartment. We got to Shibuya to meet our Japanese boyfriend Hiro at exactly 12AM... Which was when he texted us to tell us that he would be late. Very late as it turned out.

We looked for and couldn`t find the club we had planned on after an hour of walking. Kate texted Hiro to meet us down the street at an Udon stand that I had stopped to rest my feet at. I was tired of walking by 2AM so I bought a Coke so I could sit down and watch people.

A guy in a dark suit caught me checking him out and came over, saying `Will you take ramen with me?` I looked up to see that Kate had wandered across the street so I told him I was waiting for someone and didn`t really have the time. After that he demanded my phone number. I offered email since it takes me a minute to get a read on people and I wasn`t sure. He finally compromised and gave me his, extracting a promise to call. He also told Kate when she came back that I was one of the most beautiful women in the world. Cute.

Hiro finally met us at 2:30 and we went into a very crowded club that I was not a fan of. His friends were adorable though and the music was good so I was happy to hang out for a couple of hours.

I started feeling a little claustrophobic at 4:30 after being shoved into a wall for the 30th time. I suggested we head to the apartment for some sleep and Kate agreed after kissing Hiro goodbye. Looks like he might actually be her Japanese boyfriend now. He`s totally adorable so I wish her luck.

We both pretended the sheets were clean since they had been folded in a plastic trashbag and had a good five hours sleep, coming in and showering when light was already coming through the curtains. It was still worth it to have a bed to sleep in.

All in all a VERY eventful 24 hours. We had a relaxing trip home the next day and I stopped by her apartment to watch some TV.
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