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I spent most of lunchtime yesterday trying to convince the kids I had swallowed a bead out of boredom. Yes, I have sunk that low.

Halloween Week

All Halloween week I had a certain wardrobe at all of my schools. I made sure to wear black and white street clothes for work, and then right before my first class of the day I was sneak into the bathroom with five or six make up things...

When I emerged my eyes were swirled in black eyeliner, I had bright red lipstick on, and a rubber Halloween tie with pumpkins on it.

The final touches included a black cape, a fuzzy pumpkin wall garland around my neck, and a jester/witch hat.

Ikisu Elementary teachers were shocked but amused and took a picture to put on their school website despite my protests. I was there for two days in the get up and lamented that `sugoi` can mean both amazing and terrible.

Fukashiba had a similar reaction. They gossiped about it in a way that wasn:t fun for me but I was doing it for the kids anyway, so it didn:t really matter that they thought I was insane.

Onohara was my most favorable school. Several teachers wanted pictures with me and whenever I walked down the hall, the younger kids got really excited. Also, Katabami sensei is the teacher that speaks the best English so he was able to explain some concepts in the Halloween lesson that were hard for the kids to understand.

Onohara-nishi is my Friday school and they were rather confused at my eyeliner (although they told me it was pretty) until I put on the rest of my costume. I suspect that they thought I had put on the make up to wear at work for no reason. This is a scary prospect since it was the most over the top day. I took some pictures of the eye make up on facebook.

Overall the week was very successful. I made a LOT of photocopies and had the kids color ghosts, pumpkins, and witches while listening to `Thriller`, `Time Warp`, and the `Monster Mash`.
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