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So it seems that my boss was given the link to my journal, or maybe he's had it for awhile.

This is, needless to say, a little embarressing and awkward for me.

I am also very curious as to HOW he found it. There wasn't too much identifying information on it (until I started posting pictures recently). Maybe it shows up on a search engine or something.

Ah well, I'm too lazy to make a new one so I will refrain from complaining too much about work or talking about any illegal activities...

Just kidding. ^_^

Last weekend was Michael's birthday and we had a dinner for him at Melanie's house. It was just a good time for all of us to get together and relax.

Kate had some awesome no-bake peanut butter cake thing that we made (tasted exactly like Reese's, no joke), and Mel and Mary did their mad cooking skillz thing.

We played some Uno, had a few drinks. We all went in on Michael's birthday present. Some Black Label Whiskey and a case of beer. I had voted paints since he had expressed an in interest in painting here before but I was outnumbered. He probably appreciated what we got more anyway, got some use out of it at the party.

I was in a good mood most of the night. I had new jeans that actually FIT for a change. Plus it was nice to hang out with the boys when we hardly see them usually (or I don't, since I live on the other side of town, the good side).

Got through the week okay and am planning a Halloween lesson for next week. I have to raid the dollar store afterschool today to see if I can find any fun Halloween stuff.

It's a good distraction from the scary flu. One entire class at all of my schools was out this week. I also heard that an entire Junior High came down with Influenza so their school is shut down for two weeks. Ikisu had me wear a mask to their fifth grade classes, and I look scary when I wear those masks.

Anyway, I hope I can stave off the flu long enough to have my Halloween lessons. I really want to have fun with it.


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