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Day Two

Day two I had a lot more energy. Kate and I woke up earlier than the others so I went out and got myself a coffee from across the street. When I said I wanted it ‘to go’, I was given what looked like an IV bag and a straw.


I thought he was mocking me and complained to the girls, but we later saw several others with IV bags throughout the day so I guess that’s just how they do it in Singapore.

We had breakfast and walked through another Indian market place near our hostel. Then we had a long photo op at a beautiful green and white mosque. Five girls with cameras is too many people with cameras. It takes too long to move when everyone is taking pictures. I’m grateful to have them, but it was a little much.





After shopping most of the morning we broke off into two groups again. Michelle, Kate, and I were eager to go the famous “Foot Therapy” while Erin and Mary wanted to do yet more shopping. We agreed to meet at the horse races and then for dinner later before going to the Night Safari.
The foot bath was amazing. After we picked which package we wanted (I went for the one around $45, because how often do you get a professional foot massage?) the three of us sat on recliners and were served special relaxing tea. Then the foot baths were brought in, and both Kate and I got back and shoulder massages while our feet soaked.

It felt fine while she was doing it but my enjoyment was hindered by the masseuses’ comments about my size. Thankfully she stopped talking once the foot massage started.




I think I could do without the back massage next time. After a few hours I felt like someone had beaten me up and fully expected to see bruises on my back and shoulders in the mirror. However the feet were wonderful.

Kate broke off to see some museums and Michelle and I made our way to the racetrack. Unfortunately we only had time to see one race before dinner but, because it was ladies day we did have to pay anything to get in. It was interesting but probably more exciting if you had time to gamble.

After dinner, the five of us took the shuttle to the night safari. Although the journey to get there was arduous, especially since Erin somehow managed to break her toe, I think the safari was well worth the price.

The tram took us very close to the animals. It was much closer than I had ever been to most of them before. Mary took a few pictures but most of them wouldn’t come out because the lighting was so dim. We still took a few random pictures with the displays outside though.



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