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They hit the sleep for an hour.

Day One

I don’t see the point in a sleep button. Either get up, or don’t. Give yourself a decent amount of time if you’re not going to. Like a half hour instead of ten minutes.

I’m not used to having loud roommates anymore and I forgot to bring earplugs, sadly. It made me nostalgic for college even as I fantasized about strangling certain people (Love you Kate and Mary!).

I decided to take a shower in the evening since waiting for five showers didn’t make much sense. We still didn’t make it out the door until 10AM.

As soon as we decided to go out the heavens parted, bringing torrential rain. Erin, Mary, me, and Michelle didn’t bring anything for rain so, despite racing under awnings and trying to walk under cover, we were soaked before we got to our breakfast of oily noodles (it was good).

Even after it stopped raining I convinced Erin and Mary that we needed to buy umbrellas in case it started pouring again at this trip. Likely, due to Kate’s weather forecast. She had brought an umbrella and raincoat and was very proud of herself. It was a good thing since it rained again in the afternoon.


That day we walked around the shopping areas. An outdoor Chinese market opened as soon as the rain stopped. There were a lot of carts selling lotus flowers, mooncakes, and incense. People bought one of the pink, red, or green lotuses and some incense and waved them at the sky at the shrine of the earth goddess. There was a giant balloon floating above with one of the goddesses on it.

In the middle of it all was a gigantic inflated mooncake. I took a picture with it.


The clothing shopping depressed me (The saleslady told me store plus size only went up to 16 before looking me up and down) so I opted out and told Mary I would meet them at the giant bread outside. (Mary: “Mooncake!”)

I ended up eating honeydew ice cream while watching people in the market. I saw a guy trying to sell Chinese medicine made out of snakes. With all the rope and rubber snakes and red velvet bags I had though he was a street magician until Mary corrected me since she can speak Mandarin.
I was completely exhausted by 2 o clock and suggested regrouping at the hostel but we were already close to Arab Street and a famous Mosque so we went.

Erin and Mary looked around the street while Michelle, Kate, and I went to the Mosque. We took our shoes off before ascending the stairs and signed the guestbook.

The young male guide gave Michelle and Kate green and brown robes to button over their clothes. I thought this was something for everyone but when I asked him he said that I was decently dressed and could go in without one.

I was wearing a long skirt and shirt while the girls were wearing shorts. I was surprised they were making us cover up but Kate said that some churches in Europe would not let you in wearing shorts, so the Mosque providing robes was actually a good thing. I decided that this was an acceptable custom as long as they held men to the same standard (which this Mosque did).


It was a pretty place but we weren't allowed to go upstairs or into the prayer hall if we weren’t worshipping (although they allowed photos). The nice thing was that the youngest tour guide was really cute and informative. You could tell he loved Islam and his culture, and its always nice to have someone enthusiastic explain things to you.

After we took a blurry picture with him we met with the other girls and walked back to the hostel. We were then to meet her cousins and go to another shopping center (Malay this time) but I was really tired so I gave them a speech I had been practicing:

“I’m feeling kind of burnt out and I feel badly about it but if I don’t get some sleep now I won’t be my usual sunny self when we go clubbing tonight so I think it would benefit the group as a whole if I sat this one out. …Yes I know I’m a bum.”

The girls agreed. Two of them laughed, Michelle said ‘Korea will be different!’ and I think Mary might have been a little hurt, although I assured them this was in everyone’s best interest.

I was very done with shopping anyway so I waited until they were gone and took a two hour nap.
I was woken by knocking at 6PM and called out but all I heard was a mumble so I assumed it was a roommate that forgot their key. Luckily, I had the foresight to wrap a blanket around my nightgown before answering because behind the door was a beautiful European boy who bashfully said, “I have the wrong room, don’t I?”

I nodded, still half asleep.

“Well sorry I woke you up.”

I nodded again before mumbling. “S’Okay.” And shutting the door in his face.

…I could really kick myself.

When I fully realized what I had done I put on the dress I brought for clubbing that night and got my makeup out for the bathroom but he was already gone. Damn.

This trip should be called “5 Times Lauren Didn’t Get Lucky in Singapore”.

The girls didn’t get back until 10 o clock when a bunch of families from Indonesia were busy moving into our mostly empty hostel.

Night One

One of Mary’s cousins, Sky, gave us a ride over to the clubbing district at 11 PM. The other girls hadn’t gotten a nap like I had so I was bright eyed and bushy tailed while they were mostly falling asleep.

When we got to the clubs, Sky booked it with his friend and Erin and Mary ran off to do the Skylift instead. Now I’m not big on dancing or clubbing but I decided to go with Kate and Michelle anyway because Kate had her heart set on going and Michelle says she dances insanely.

It was not an exaggeration.

The first club we went to was Black Noir or something (redundant right?), and it was so weird that we stayed for less than a minute before Michelle said it wasn’t our club.

We ended up at a club called China One and they had a live band playing modern rock and pop hits. The singer was cute and playful, and the guitarist wasn’t bad looking either, so we dance our way up to the front of the crowd and took a couple pictures of him.



We met up with the other girls again after an hour and collapsed as soon as we got back to the Hostel.
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